The History, Vision, and Legacy of Gladeview

Mort Silberstein
During World War II, at age 20, Dr. Silberstein incurred life-changing injuries while in the Army Air Corps, rendering him 100% disabled. If he survived his injuries, doctors expected that he would remain bedridden for the rest of his life. He endured the challenges of extensive hospitalization, multiple surgeries, and repeated rehabilitation.

Thanks to the wonderful care that he received during this time, along with his sheer grit and the Lord’s help, Dr. Silberstein defied doctors’ expectations and was inspired to apply to medical school. He was awarded a full fellowship at the University of Bern Medical School in Switzerland. However, his studies were interrupted by further surgeries, hospitalization and rehabilitation to address complications from his service trauma. As a result, it took him an additional two years to complete his curriculum. Despite all that, Dr. Silberstein graduated Valedictorian of his class.

Dr. Silberstein returned to the United States and won a highly coveted Residency at the prestigious Institute of Living in Hartford, Connecticut. In addition to his private practice in New Haven, he was Associate Professor at the Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Silberstein held the highest office in the region’s medical associations. He also served as Surgeon-General of the Disabled American Veterans of Connecticut.

Dr. Silberstein was a man of vision and energy who was determined to transform how people could live in their later years. He was instrumental in the designing of many of the major not-for-profit eldercare facilities in the Greater New Haven area.

After three decades as a physician, Dr. Silberstein decided to build his own facility: Gladeview Rehabilitation & Health Care Center. Into Gladeview, he sought to invest the sum total of his life experiences. For all his accomplishments, Dr. Silberstein knew first and what it was to cope with limitations day-to-day. He was a master of “making adjustments accordingly”, as he was fond of saying. His own advancing years afforded him an even greater empathy with residents. In order to ensure the smooth running of his facility, Dr. Silberstein went back to college – and did his internship – to become a licensed Nursing Home Administrator when he was approaching 70 years of age!

Dr. Silberstein had a passion to share his knowledge with others who struggled with a diminished quality of life due to medical conditions or to aging. He never forgot his own supportive caregivers and the warmth, comfort and expertise that saved his life. Most of all, he understood that diligent rehabilitation was the key to dramatically increasing one’s expectations of personal capabilities.

So, for his beloved Gladeview, an excellent and comprehensive rehabilitation program was absolutely essential to make the most of each resident’s potential.

In 1987, Gladeview opened its doors to fulfill Dr. Silberstein’s vision and mission that, “People should have a life for as long as they live! That’s why we’re here.” Today, Dr. Silberstein’s legacy is alive and well at Gladeview under the stewardship of his wife, Linda Silberstein. As a change-of-life baby and an only child, Mrs. Silberstein was intimately involved in caring for her parents and older relatives, as well as being an advisor to friends and associates facing similar responsibilities. These experiences engendered her lifelong interest in geriatrics.

As a biologist, she worked on the Biology of Aging Program at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis. Mrs. Silberstein keeps abreast of state-of-the-art research in geriatric medicine, exercise physiology, nutrition and longevity. She is totally committed to Gladeview’s remaining on the forefront of excellence in health care. Gladeview’s outstanding staff is dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone we serve. That’s how – in addition to caring for the mind, body and spirit of our residents – we provide peace of mind for their loved ones, as well.

Gladeview cares for and respects the whole person. We provide balanced attention to the medical, physical, emotional, social and family needs of each individual. Our team works hand-in-hand to embrace the comprehensive care of each resident.

We seek to provide a heartwarming, home-like atmosphere with a rich array of amenities and stimulating activities in spacious accommodations. Everyone’s well-being is further promoted by our beautiful setting; right on the water.

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